Good day all, I don’t know how many persons in the group are bonafide freelancers, but for individuals like myself, who had to take action and got  the necessary requirements to get potential employers ‘eyes on me’.

Take heed, there were things that had to be accomplished before I got to the title of ‘freelancer’. In Trinidad and Tobago there is a small but thriving community of freelancers, even persons willing to train you to become Virtual Assistants. I can post the link to the community, but I must warn you, you must be equipped with the right tools needed to apply for online employment.

 If you thought going up against a few hundred persons for a position in a company was daunting.. think about going up against the whole world! This is where upskilling your capabilities comes in. I was asked to join this community to share some pertinent information to those who are interested in seeking employment online.

Ideally Upskilling is the process of learning new skills, gaining knowledge, and improving existing abilities. It is essential for individuals to stay competitive and relevant in their fields in the constantly evolving job market. We can navigate the world of the Virtual Assistant in another article, but what about persons who are not desirous to be a VA?

That leaves us with a multitude of other options. If you can write professionally,eloquently and engage your readers, content writing might just be your fit. Or learning how to self publish your own e-book on Amazon KDP, has been a lucrative option for some Caribbean nationals. What about tutoring? ESL tutoring is a  very popular online occupation that some Caribbean nationals have pursued part-time and even full-time. See the link here for UWI’s DMLL Facebook page.

Lastly, I’ll end with this last gem. A free short course online learning website called Here you will be able to thoroughly explore the possibility of upskilling in an individually paced programme, that will prove to be immensely beneficial to you. If not now but at least two years or three years from now. The only payment required will be for the release of a certificate for the completed course.

Take advantage of the information shared with you today, there’s more to come. And those in the community that can also share their experiences, please don’t remain silent. #Eachoneteachone.  

What new skills would you like to learn in the next six months? And how likely are you to turn those hopes into genuine, completed action?

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